I hope you enjoy browsing through my on-line Galleries of unique, inspirational, original paintings and poetrycards

These original paintings and poetrycards are inspired by music and musicians, memories and dreams, as well as landscape and still life subjects
  • My MUSICAL PAINTINGS are inspired by the colour, texture and shape of music. As artist in residence with a couple of local orchestras and a music studio, I attend concerts and musical events where I paint the music being played! I have worked with national and local musicians and musical organisations, a church organist, jazz musicians, local choirs and even a brass band!!
  • My LANDSCAPE AND STILL LIFE PAINTINGS are abstracted, visual interpretations of inspirational landscapes or everyday objects, which explore the elements of form, dimension, texture and colourMy ABSTRACT/SURREALIST PAINTINGS use memories and emotions as a start point for exploration and interpretation
  • IMAGES FROM MY ORIGINAL PAINTINGS have been carefully selected as inspiration for designs for a range of poetrycards,which you can find on sale in the Poetrycard Gallery section of the site
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Sue Spivey